OG Body Bar Services

Get Lifted - $90

Rebalance and relax with our CBD infused facial that covers all of your skincare needs. CBD, rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and essential fatty acids, is incredibly beneficial for all skin types. Using a combination of products from Talyoni and a personalized Ethemax Hydrojelly Mask, as well as a relaxing massage, this experience will leave you feeling totally lifted.

Get Fresh - $75

Freshen up your complexion with this facial that can be tailored to reverse signs of aging, or assist in firming the skin. Whether you are hoping to improve your skin’s tone and texture, stimulate collagen production and improve elasticity, or all of the above - this hydrating balance of products from BioElements and Esthemax will help you achieve those goals.

Get Clear - $75

Created specifically to target and treat trouble skin, this facial has got the goods. Using bacteria-neutralizing products from BioElements and Esthemax, you can expect to see a reduction in redness and irritation as well as improvement of clogged pores and minimized oil production. A light extraction is performed when needed, and an activated charcoal Hydrojelly mask will deep cleanse any impurities under the skin’s surface. Get on the path to clear, rehydrated, and soothed skin.

Get Going - $55

In 30 minutes experience our comprehensive and personalized facial. As our skin changes with the seasons, it is important to do a check-in every 2-3 months, that’s why this facial can be tailored to fit your skin’s individual needs + goals. This service fits easily into your busy schedule, and is perfect for everyone regardless of where you are on your skincare journey. Your technician will customize your facial, and use products from BioElements and Esthemax to deliver an efficient, yet relaxing experience so you can get in, and get going.

Get Right (Vagacial) - $65

The perfect addition to your Brazilian Sugaring service, or as a stand alone service to help gently correct the issues that are common in sensitive areas such as in-grown hairs, excessive redness, or hyperpigmentation. Maintain healthy, hydrated skin and treat that delicate area right!

Get Tight (Booty Facial) - $65

Show that peach some appreciation with the treat you didn’t know you needed! Tighten up, improve skin pigmentation, texture, elasticity + collagen production, and help reduce cellulite by increasing circulation. Add this treatment to your Columbian Butt Lift to get the most out of your service, or book alone as a nice treat for your booty meat.

Vita Facial Mask Add - On - $15 - can be added to any service.

Made of 100% natural, biodegradable + skin-affinitive cellulose + designed to help stimulate skin cells, amplify collagen production, reduce fine lines + wrinkles, calm Rosacea + reduce hyperpigmentation + sun damage.

Cica Facial Mask Add - On - $15 - can be added to any service.

Made of 100% natural, biodegradable + skin-affinitive cellulose + designed to help soothe + repair skin cells while helping to strengthen + fortify skin's barrier. As well as helping comfort the skin when showing visible signs of sensitivity, dryness + redness.

Hydrocell Neck Mask Add - On - $15 - can be added to any service.

Hydrocell (Bio-Cellulose) neck mask made with all natural coconut fiber to support natural collagen, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, hydrate + refine texture.

Collagen Foot Mask Add - On - $15 - can be added to any service.

Experience the ultimate in smooth + hydrated feet. This sheet mask formula is packed with collagen for softer, smoother + healthier looking feet.